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Love at first sight is over-evaluated, finding love during a wedding is like a movie theme, but love at the first focus, click and zoom is totally ignored. For us a wedding meant a lot of clicks. That’s how we met, Andra & Marius, and the passion for photography was one of the elements we grew together, with a lot of sleepless nights and team work.

AMDragan appeared in time as something very personal to us, Marius – “that big haired photographer” and Andra – “that cute and popular photographer on Facebook”. The whole work belongs to us, we learn all the time, we want to get better and better. We love to have happy brides and relaxed grooms that admit that “I didn’t knew it’s so funny to pose”. We are happy and optimistic and the people we are photographing are the same.

Our style of photography is full of color and joy, exactly what we want to give from the most beautiful day of each’ couple.

Where Photography is located? Photography is located at Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
What is the contact number of Photography?
The contact number of Photography is +40 744 562 025
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