Address 4940b Eisenhower Ave, Alexandria (VA), 22304, United States
Phone (571) 290-5191
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CakeLove is all about love.

I started CakeLove in 2002 because I always enjoyed sharing my love for food. I started making Thanksgiving meals for my family at 14. I cooked meals for my roommates in college. I even created a study group called Gastronomy and the Law when I was in law school and shared my culinary experiments with my law school classmates. CakeLove is just a natural extension of what I've been doing all my life: bringing people together through food. This desire to share the love continues to drive CakeLove today. I invite you to join me in sharing a love for food, good company, and the simple joys of life.

- Warren Brown
Founder/CEO CakeLove

Where Cakelovedc is located?
Cakelovedc is located at 4940b Eisenhower Ave, Alexandria (VA), 22304, United States.
What is the contact number of Cakelovedc?
The contact number of Cakelovedc is (571) 290-5191
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