Address Stationsplein 112, Haarlem, 2011 LN, Netherlands
Phone +31 (0)23 202 04
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About iQU

We are the preferred marketing partner for growing mobile and online games.


iQU® delivers value added marketing technology solutions and knowledge that empowers game developers to execute effective player Acquisition, Retention and Monetization (ARM).

iQU is a digital media agency dedicated to games, providing services in the field of player acquisition through performance, dialog and branding campaigns.

We offer custom marketing solutions tailored specifically to each individual part of your game development process. Whether you’re ready for launch and in need of branding and player acquisition services, or you are looking for consultancy or PR to enhance your marketing efforts, iQU will be able to support you at every stage and help you grow your game.

iQU® offers industry insights and expertise to help developers grow great games.
iQU® helps developers promote their game with a variety of services tailored to their game.
iQU® provides with the players when their game is ready to conquer the market.

Our services are used by early stage game companies as well as AAA Advertisers like Electronic Arts, Wargaming, Ubisoft, Lockwood and Ayzenberg.

Where iQU is located?
iQU is located at Stationsplein 112, Haarlem, 2011 LN, Netherlands.
What is the contact number of iQU?
The contact number of iQU is +31 (0)23 202 04
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